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The church exists by mission, just as fire exists by burning.

-Emil Brunner

Serving the Senders

The local church is vital to the Missio Dei. The church was created by the mission of God to carry out its very mission. MissioSERVE was established to serve both the senders and the sent in missions with the conviction that the church sends the missionary. Mission organizations are key to effective missions, but never by assuming the role of the church. We want to help your church to rise to the challenge of God's mission in sending missionaries and reaping the benefits of your church fully participating in the Mission of God.

We are here for your church.

If you are looking for help with your missions ministry, we can help you. We have the experience and resources to help your church develop a biblical missions vision and practice, unique to your church and appropriate for your congregation. We can help you assess, refine, and refocus what you already do to make it stronger, more effective, and more impactful. We also offer services that can help you and your church increase your mission’s participation. MissioSERVE is not here to control your church. We want to help you discover what God has called you to do.

"The Church does not so much have a mission - as if the church somehow existed prior to its task - rather it is mission as such; indeed, as the phrase goes, the church of Christ does not so much have a mission as the mission of Christ has a church."

- Adrian Hastings

Help Your Church to Send a Missionary

If your church is looking to send a missionary, whether, through MissioSERVE or even a different agency, we can help. We help your church explore the role they should have in the mission. Your church affirms the mission, helps define it, and has the primary responsibility for the missionary that you send. MissioSERVE equips, advises, and trains your church and missionary to maximize your strengths on the mission field while helping to minimize your weaknesses. Your missionary is primarily responsible to you and your mission as defined for them. When your church burns with a desire for the Missio Dei, the demons quake and the church revives. We are here to help you engage the mission!

Get help with igniting your church for missions!

Propempo International is the church engagement arm of MissioSERVE Alliance. It exists to assist churches in developing biblical, local church centered missions ministry. Contact Propempo for assistance with developing a missions team and raising up long-term missionaries in your church.

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