Send a Short-Term Team

MɪssɪᴏGO, a ministry of MɪssɪᴏSERVE, seeks to extend the worship of God by serving the senders and the sent in short-term missions to advance the Gospel to the unreached and unengaged. That is why we call this ministry Mɪssɪᴏ”GO.”

We do not send short-term trips; we believe that is the work of the Holy Spirit through the local church (Acts 13:1-4). Instead, we help you mobilize your church to send better short-term trips through pre-trip planning consultations, online training, and logistical services.


Whether you have never planned a church mission trip before, or you seek to enhance your church mission trips, MissioGO offers planning consultations, resources, and tools that will guide you in your planning. Our processes are prayer saturated, mission centered, and are strategically designed to help you and your church serve your missionary and hosts and contribute to the long-term mission and vision of your sent ones.

You can schedule a consultation today to start the process of enhancing your short-term missions (STM) program. We will help you:

  • Evaluate your current STM program.
  • Rank your trip based on the level of physical security and cultural engagement.
  • Work with your missionary to determine a plan for your short-term trip that engages your church and contributes to the long-term mission.



MissioGO offers online training which is recommended for all STM teams in order to maximize the success and impact of your team. We call our MɪssɪᴏSERVE training process D3 which stands for Discover, Develop, and Deploy.


Our online training is customized for your short-term team to help you:

  1. Discover a biblical basis for missions and how that translates back to the life of the local church.
  2. Develop your team spiritually, emotionally, and culturally.
  3. Deploy effectively on the mission field.
    Contact us for short term trip training!


Our logistics services can help you manage and track your fundraising progress, oversee and organize team tasks, book international group flights, offer tips on navigating customs, and more. By handling these often tedious and time consuming details, MɪssɪᴏGO intends to free you to focus on the critical spiritual care and development of your team.

Contact us for help with short-term trip logistics!