Train National Pastors

Look at the Opportunity

Pastor, are you willing to pass your greatest gifts to men who need your help on how to read, study, and teach the Bible so that the ministry of the Word will strengthen and develop their local churches?

85% of Pastors in the world have little or no biblical training.

Consider the Need

The Word of God and the Testimony of Jesus Christ will transform churches and communities throughout the world. You can make a difference in the lives of a group of pastors and their churches. You may also make a great impact in the lives and ministry of the men your own missionaries are preparing to lead the churches they are planting.

Learn the Method

We will equip you with a proven training method that crosses cultural barriers and equips pastors to train other pastors in their region and country. We communicate effectively through qualified translators who help us demonstrate biblical exposition and equip pastors to dig and discover the author’s intent in the message and application of the Word. Finally, we guide the pastors in how to organize the main idea and structure of the text, in context, with an appropriate application and understanding of the text within its place in biblical theology.

Prepare to Go

You have something of importance to give to the global church! Your local church could impact the advance and preaching of the gospel through a two-week investment of your time. Will you go? Will you build a team to go with you? We will take you with us, or we will go with you to your missionary.