What are internships for, anyway?

ID Internships at MɪssɪᴏSERVE help you discover your identity in Christ, recognize and develop your spiritual gifts, and discern the work that God has prepared you to do. ID Interns are not just box-checkers; they are explorers who are interested in God’s call on their lives and God’s purpose in the world. One size does not fit all, which is why our internships are flexible so they fit your time frames, talents, and interests in order to give you a clear understanding God’s call on your life.

So what are you waiting for?

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What is the purpose of your Internship?

For research or to fulfill an academic requirement …

We understand that many college students seek internships to fulfill an academic requirement.  If that’s you, we are here to help! MɪssɪᴏSERVE Alliance will work to accommodate any internship requirements from your school. If the requirements are beyond our means, we will let you know up front. Regardless of your school’s requirements, we will work hard to make sure your experience as an ID Intern will grow your faith, sharpen your focus on God’s mission, and show you how you can get involved.

To serve alongside another missionary, but need training …

You want to serve alongside a missionary and support their mission, but you feel unprepared and know you need training. You came to the right place! MɪssɪᴏSERVE is an Alliance for a reason and we love serving the Senders and the Sent. Thank you for caring so much for another missionary that you want to serve them well. We would love to have our ID Interns bless other missionaries, even if they are not connected with us directly. Here are some next steps for you:

First, check out what we believe, Our Faith

Next, get approval from your church and the missionary you desire to serve with to partner with MɪssɪᴏSERVE Alliance for this task.

Then, we will train (Intern Training) and prepare you for the task to make sure you go as a disciple and that your service glorifies our Lord Jesus Christ.

To explore missions, no matter what your age …

MɪssɪᴏSERVE is here for the explorers of all age groups. If you want help discovering your calling, purpose, and identity in Christ, we would consider it a great privilege to serve you! ID Internships are designed to help you determine if you are called to serve in career missions and help you identify the strengths and gifts the Spirit has blessed you with that will allow you to share the Gospel cross-culturally.

How Long is your Internship?

Internships are anywhere from 6 weeks to 12 months.

Within those guidelines, the length of your Internship is up to you!

6 Weeks

6 weeks is the shortest time frame for an internship, and to keep it that short there needs to be a compelling reason. If you are looking for something shorter than 6 weeks, check out MɪssɪᴏGO for your church.

7 Weeks - 3 Months

Are you looking for a Summer Internship? Our 3-month Internship can take place at any time of the year! This length of Internship is very popular with students.

4 Months - 1 Year

If you are an explorer who really wants to know about missions, then we recommend a longer internship of 4 to 12 months

Interested in serving long-term on the mission field? Contact us!

Where would you like to serve?

Do you already have a place of service in mind?

We will work with you to help make your idea a reality! We have wide-ranging connections.

Not sure where to serve?

We’ve got you covered! Here are some ready-made opportunities from which to choose:



Our ministry here covers a wide range of activities and ministries including unique opportunities to grow in technical broadcast skills suitable for podcasting and radio.



This is one of our most mature fields with opportunities in teaching English, youth and children’s ministry, evangelism, and planning and managing short-term trips. There are also opportunities for video work and social media skills.



Learn how a missionary agency runs and how to interact with Alliance partners, develop social media skills, discover communications opportunities, experience a wide range of training techniques, and conduct missions research.

What is the Intern training like?

We’re glad you asked!

Learn more about our ID3 training program!

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