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The church, the missionary and the people

The relationship between the church that sends and the missionary that goes is foundational to the Mission of God (Missio Dei). Ultimately, God sends both the missionary and their church to carry out His mission. 

The third stakeholder in a mission relationship is the people of the host culture. Without a strong relationship with the hosts, a church’s mission can go nowhere. 

Missionary Training

In America, it is easy to acquire knowledge about missions, but hard to find training on how to be a missionary. At MISSIOSERVE, we strive to close the gap between education and training by providing missionaries with an array of tools and skills they can use on mission (Read this article on Training vs. Education to learn more)

Vital to any mission are “tools” of cultural understanding that enable the missionary to build trust-based relationships across cultures. Not only do missionaries need to be equipped with cross-cultural skills, they also need training to deal with massive amounts of stress, spiritual warfare, and many practical challenges they will inevitably face on the mission field. 

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Preparing Churches

Senders are on mission as much as their sent ones are. The mission precedes the missionary, is owned and embraced by the church, and is the church’s duty to carry out. But while many churches understand and pursue with excellence caring for their missionary as a person, churches often lack the expertise and experience in building up their mission as well as their missionary. That’s why we at MISSIOSERVE prioritize serving the senders as well as the sent!

We help churches learn how the new believers in the host culture can minister to them, how to maximize the blessing of missions ministry to the church as a whole, how to care well for missionaries, how to pray for the mission (SPARK), and how to plan and send the most useful and impactful mission trips for everyone involved (MissioGO). If there is an aspect of building the mission or caring for the missionary that the church feels ill-equipped to do, MISSIOSERVE is here to help strengthen and serve the needs of the sending church.  

IGNITE your church!

Whether you are a missionary searching for a way to go, a church interested in sending, or you are just passionate about missions, we are here to serve you and help you accomplish the work that God prepared in advance for you to walk in. 

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