We will pray first, most, and last in all aspects of our ministry and needs. This will not prohibit us from communicating God’s mission with others through our vision, tasks, and responsibilities and inviting them to pray and participate with us in advancing the Gospel to the ends of the earth. However, we will not pursue nor manipulate our Christian brothers and sisters into financial participation with this ministry. Instead, we will encourage their prayerful and generous devotion to God and His work.
Matthew 6:33

We will follow God and His provision by prayer and faith for the direction and development of the ministry and not by means of man which step beyond the Lord’s provision.
Philippians 4:19James 4:13-15

We will welcome like-minded ministries in the greater work of God’s kingdom and be generous with resources, experience, and gifts to the benefit of their purposes and mission.
2 Corinthians 9:6-8Philippians 2:3

We will recognize the call of God and the commendation of the local church as approval and qualification for the faithful and sufficient financial provision of each missionary who serves to advance the mission and message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the ends of the earth.
3 John 1:5-8

We will depend upon the wisdom, ways, and Word of God to guide our thinking and evaluation of the existence and measure of faithfulness in our ministry.
Matthew 25:21

We will make much of God and His faithfulness in the mission and ministry He has called us to do for His glory and for the good of His people.
John 12:43Galatians 1:10