Serving the Sent- Share the Burden!

April 26, 2024 Brian W

If you regularly read our blog, especially this series, you might think, “There are some good ideas here but doing all of this for all our missionaries… Wow.” It can seem overwhelming because it would be overwhelming. When looking at these ideas to serve your missionary you must ask yourself a few questions:

First, what kind of team do you have at your church to serve your missionaries? Many hands make light labor, so divide the load! Not everyone on the team has to become an expert on every missionary you support. 

Second, you may not have the manpower nor the gifts to carry out each and every idea at your church and that is fine! Do what you can to improve what can be improved, your missionaries will appreciate the effort. Pick some ideas that you can do well and run with them! If other ideas are too time-consuming for your team or church, then don’t do them.

Another important point is to evaluate the relationship you have with your missionary. This column is written from the point of view of your church raising and sending out their own missionaries which is what we at MissioSERVE help churches do. However, your church may have some great godly relationships with missionaries whom you just support. In other words, those missionaries have a different sending church that takes care of them, and you partner alongside them in the mission that has been established. In this case, the missionary wants good relationships and wants to keep you informed so that you continue to support the mission. There is nothing wrong with that kind of supportive relationship. They don’t expect too much, so even employing a few of the easier ideas here will make the missionary feel loved and supported. The missionary that was raised and sent out by your church on the other hand should receive the best care you can manage because they are on a mission for your church.
The best discernment will be your knowledge of your missionary. Whether you are a new missions team member or an old hand at caring for your church’s missionaries, you will get to know your missionary, their needs, and nature. It is our hope at MissioSERVE that this series and all the ideas we share in it will help serve your missionary well, love your missionary well, and involve the whole body in the Missio Dei!

Let’s review some of the tips in summary. First, recruit help as you solidify ideas; people will come forward or respond to your call to participate. People tend to shy away from open-ended commitments, but when you can lay out what you need them to do, they realize they can do it! Second, evaluate your church’s relationship with the missionary. Not all relationships are the same but all can be improved! Do what you feel is right in each relationship to both honor the body and the missionary that serves your body. Remember, we are trying to equip you for the work of the ministry, not create a to-do list. Think of all the ideas we share here as tools in your shed. Some tools will fit your hand and skill quite well and you will find them easy to use. Others don’t fit your hand or you can’t master them, leave them in the shed. If we even equip you with one idea that makes your missionary feel more loved and inspires your church to engage in the mission of God we have done our work well.


Brian W
Brian served 14 years in the Republic of Georgia, where he started a youth ministry, discipled new leaders, and planted over 15 new churches before serving in leadership of another missions organization. Brian is married to Maia and they have two children.