Deployment Strategies

How do we deploy the gospel?

February 06, 2021 Steve B

The Glory of God and Going . . .

to proclaim the name of Jesus Christ to the ends of the earth till the end of the age.

There are many motives and justifications for going into missions today, just as there are many humanitarian and philanthropic efforts that fall under the term “missions.” If everything is missions, then nothing is missions! Ambiguity is a post-modern value that strips the meaning and the power from words which self-justify the efforts of man leading to his own glory!

How did we get here? If the mission can be accomplished through the efforts of unregenerate man, it does not need the church nor the power of God! These works are good and beneficial to mankind, but they are not God’s mission!

The mission of God is clearly articulated in the authoritative mandate of Jesus Christ to go and make disciples of all nations. The mission of God is Gospel disciple-making, multiplied through generations of faithful gospel disciple-making men and women serving through and sent from the local church for gospel advance and for the glory of Jesus Christ!

How do we get back to the mission of God? How do we forcefully go and faithfully stay the course of difficulty, sacrifice, and persecution to finish the mission for the glory of God in Christ Jesus?

The Word of God reveals a pattern, not a formula, which may be helpful to redirect our focus and reinvigorate our hearts in a way that shows His work and power through us and moves us into His mission for His glory. When gripped by the glory of God, man is prepared to go in the power of God and for the purpose of God to make His name great throughout the earth.

The Glory of God and Going is seen in three Spirit-driven responses of man to God’s glory. When confronted by the glory of God, man is humbled by the holiness of God, disturbed by the depravity of man, and is surrendered to serve the mission of God. This pattern is seen in the calling of Moses, Isaiah, the disciples, and Paul.

What will help us to know, see, and understand the will and way of God in His mission? We believe that Spirit-fueled prayer, Spirit-clarified Word, Spirit-nourished fasting, and Spirit-united fellowship prepares the heart, mind, and will for Spirit-called confirmation and for God-glorified going!

Are you being gripped by the glory of God in this way? Are you willing and ready to go to the ends of the earth? If so, we ask you to pray about deploying for mission through MɪssɪᴏSERVE as we serve your senders and facilitate your sending.


Steve B
Steve served as a church planter, pastor, leadership developer, missions trainer, and in missions leadership over the 37 years prior to stepping into the leadership of MɪssɪᴏSERVE Alliance. Steve is married to Terri Jo and they have four adult children and 13 grandchildren.